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2009-07-15 14:13:54 by Caius1989

Hey Guys and Gals! I'm kicking around in the barracks and I'm having one hell of a "good-time". I couldn't go back to sleep thanks to a nasty little shit scorpion and I am making this post. I have not been on of late seeing as training sucks but I'll be keeping an eye out. My offer still stands for working on a flash, just send me a message.

Hokus Pokus

P.S. ----- If another person like " Mr. Dick" has problems with everyone, then I may have to second guess the people on this site. I actually thought that there were people with at least a handful of brain cells on this site. ( not insulting the rest of you guys, just the ones like the one asshole Mr. Dick!)



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2009-07-15 14:20:32

i dont understand. whats the offer.

Caius1989 responds:

The flash or sprite video's I was and still am working on my man! I figure getting some friends together and work ourselves onto the top guys (or gals) of NG. Think of it . . . . We may even become big timers like Alvin-Earthworm and Tom Fulp!

Hokus Pokus!!


2009-07-15 14:21:19

whatever it is i dont wanna be left out.

Caius1989 responds:

You Help, Your In . . . . simple as that.


2009-07-16 23:59:34


Caius1989 responds:

Look at the previous message, but I am offering people a chance to help me in making flashes and share in the glory. give a reply if ya want in.


2009-07-20 22:05:21

souns fun i'm in


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