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2009-07-27 22:59:27 by Caius1989

Hey Everybody! I've got some news, not bad but not good either. I need more people who wish to help in the Flashes and movies I am trying to make. I've got some helpers who have hit some snaggs, but they are as human as I am and we can't make them like machines at a factory. ( plus the machines have health benefits that we don't get . . . sad really.) More to the point anyone who can help at all or just want to help anyway just throw me a message and I will get to it ASAP.

Reaching out for fellow Necrozen Clowns,


P.S. ---- Hokus Pokus!!!

Help Wanted


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2009-07-27 23:20:08


Gotta love Afro Samurai :D

Oh, and try registering for a flash forum, there are plenty of examples and people to help you there :)

Caius1989 responds:

You are a true friend . . . and i dont even Know Ya!! Thanks for the advice.

Hokus Pokus!!