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Progress of a Legend

2009-08-03 13:11:12 by Caius1989

I am currently working on a comic series brought on by my friend Hulalaoo, or the leader of the Kitty Kat Krew. I am going to add EVERYTHING by EVERYONE into the comics so don't worry, everyone gets to be in the spotlight. The story is going to pick up from my comic series and there will be guest apperances from all the adventures. It is going to be hard seeing as I need to do some research on backgrounds and stories of all NG's history and all it offers, but keep an eye out for Hulalaoo's flash battle between me and him, which will be KILLER!!

The story will start out with introductions of my character and his sidekick Stix. (stix was a stickman, but I changed him into a cool lil 4' FT foul-mouthed goblin sapper) He and Malinco, a.k.a. me, will talk about the past experiences and even meet his first enemy AND ally in Newgrounds. It'll be a riot of laughs, action, and loads of characters in this Jam-Pact Action Comic Series!!!!!!!
( and I'll try and see if Hulalaoo will make it into flashes as well . . . no promises though . . . .)

That's it for now,

Hokus Pokus!!!

P.S. ---- This snap is Stix in a new form . . . . Stix Boomkeg

Progress of a Legend


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2009-08-03 13:31:02

Good, because Stix the Stickman is a stupid, unoriginal idea.

Caius1989 responds:

Yeah I know! I found it better if I made him the same as in the comics like Malinco.


2009-08-03 13:51:44

Why does he have a lit bomb in his hand?!

Caius1989 responds:

He is a Goblin sapper . . . . which means he blows up a lot of S**t. It's his job.
(plus Stix is the greatest mechanic ever! He lost his hand and made a all-in-one tool kit in its place.)


2009-08-05 16:32:09

I left something on your Forum, but i can do some stuff with a guitar, and music and stuff?

Caius1989 responds:

Sounds like a plan . . . . Give me some of your work and we'll see if we can tie it with the flash work.