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2009-08-20 23:14:51 by Caius1989

Hey! Sorry I havn't been on for those who care, but I've been busy with a very annoying boss who she thinks she own's the world. ( Women, am I right?) I havn't been able to do ANYTHING of late and I hope to get back into the groove soon on the flash i want to make. I'll be waiting for replies and mean hate mail from women for the post i made here.

Fighting off an army of she-demons,
D. C.

Hokus Pokus



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2009-08-31 22:22:42

Men! Pshyeah, jeesh. . .
*rolls my eyes at you, goofily*
Way to go, Caius1989------>
NOW you're gonna have that angry mob of female Newgrounders pounding on your door at night, rambling on about equal rights and shit. Yeah, you'd better believe it! You're going to have all 6 females here knocking on your door. Oh wait, make that only 5 now, 'cause I'M not even gonna come a knockin'. Ok? Hell, I have to fight off the She-Demons, mySELF from time to time.
Banshees, they are, you know? Heh heh heh Ah. . . I kid. . . I kid.

Naw but really, you been doing ah-ite? I sure hope so! I'm glad to hear you're back and getting ready to start your flashiness up as well. Wah-Hooey, Mate! I can't wait! Yeah, that's about it. Just wanted to let you know I have a new VA submission up. You know and if you find yourself bored shitless sometime, maybe you could drop by and write me a mini-review or something. (I know, it's sad, I have no shame, right?) Toss me out a vote and let me know what you think, PUH-LEASE Caius1989. I'll be your best friend. *wink, wink* Heh heh heh
That's it, I'll stop begging and leave you alone for now.
Until we chat next about any future projects, Man. . .

..........Take care, be good and watch out for those damned She-Demons.period

Caius1989 responds:

Hey srry ive been busy, listen works a bitch and my damn comp was going off the wall so ive got to get a new one. Ill send a review then. *peace*